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unknown title: a slam poem

April 7, 2019


we have the privilege of
choosing not to see
when injustice confronts us we
take the chance to flee

we swear that we care
when we hear of the shootings
a few days later
we've forgotten we've to do things

we say 
someone should change it
forgetting we are someone
because in our lives it doesn't fit
after all, we want a fun one

we are unburdened by injustice,
because it doesn't affect us
until one day it does 
and there's no one to save us

i have enough problems as it is
i hear you say
im a mister not a miss
everything will be okay!

in translation 
i'll be fine; i'm straight, male and caucasian
doesn't matter to me if the world isn't changing 

gender pay gap, mutilation
abuse, lack of education
women are still second class citizens
is the world really changing?

laws are being passed
allowing people to be stoned
rather gay people in a casket
than their truth being intoned

when you change your gender 
because you were repulsed by your old one
your chance of being murdered
it doubles and triples, really how fun

in this world,
it matters where you're from, 
they tell us it doesn't but it hinders what you become

the colour of your skin
shouldn't determine your worth
but if you think it should
you're worth less than dirt

they all talk equality,
but it's as transparent as plastic,
equality, no privilege 
that would be fantastic 
but when you're so used to privilege
equality feels like poverty 
laws made by bigots
no wonder they don't cover me

politicians make promises they
aren't expected to keep 
when nothing changes
only the children will weep

the choice is fight or flight 
and we say we'd choose fight,
but given a chance,
we'll always choose flight

we say it matters to no one 
when we don't try and change 
if that's everyone's view
we're trapped in our own cage

there is no excuse for hate.
for homophobia,
for racism
for transphobia,
for sexism

there is no excuse for hate
it's the easy way out
it's so much harder to love
so much easier to pout



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