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I think I might change the whole idea of this

Our World is Made up of Universes

April 9, 2019

when mothers fell from heaven
some fell harder than others
some fell softer than most
and the very least landed on their feet
These mothers would give birth
To their own little universe
That would catch stars that fell
Just to whisper little wishes
Or they’d give birth
to a little universe
That could create a moon
to shine so bright and help guide the night
Each little universe would grow
Every size, shape, color, and state
Made differently
Yet to last
These little universes
Created from mothers with broken halos
Folded wings dim glows and light shadows
Would come together
To create a world of their own
Their world is made up of each and every one of them
Little universes of children
Building their own lives
Sharing their own tales
Living their own paths
Dreaming their own dreams
And though we may see
A universe soon dim
Another takes its place
Another light comes again


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