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Every thing I say sticks to me, so I will not say anything.

Message to Readers

I would like feedback on how the words sound together, and maybe suggestions on how it could be better. Also feedback on how it sounds out loud.


April 7, 2019

Some think of it as a person,
Or a subject,
I like to think of it as a knot,
We are all strings,
It offers you social riches,
You agree,
But you are no more free,
You are trapped in a knot,
If you struggle it tightens,
It pulls you helplessly it to the knot,
You could fight,
And end in deeper trouble,
Or you could ignore it,
But either way you end in the ever tightening knot,
And in the end you can’t escape,
You never leave.
Some like to think that it,
Does give you Social riches,
But every action has a consequence,
For Friends it takes the old friends,
For Power it is the you had,
For Social riches it takes everything.
Most who’s knot is tightist,
Have nothing that stays,
They lost everything already,
And now they can’t keep anything.
So now I warn you,
Stay away,
it is  deadly,
heart less,
And it’s name is,

why do people like drama? it seems to only leave problems. 


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