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"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought, and the thought has found words."
~Robert Frost


April 7, 2019

Oh, autumn tree, so bare, so cold
Where are your loving leaves of gold?
You stand her, lonely and betrayed
Through waves of solitude you wade.

One night a ruthless gale blew
Your family away from you
And left you with a shattered heart
Upon this lachrymal depart.

But don't despair, my dear tree
For I shall keep you company
Our memories will resonate
And more to come lie in await.

For spring shall once again be spring
And birds and bees shall once more sing
Then from your limbs green leaves shall sprout
And butterflies shall dance about.

So now, patience must be our friend
Until this grief comes to its end
And we can start afresh, anew
And whisper to loved ones adieu.  


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  • Red_Rose_Blooming

    Hey! I'm Dania and I'd love to get any feedback on my poem!! (This is part of a research paper I'm currently doing on the famous poet Robert Frost. His life was plagued with tragedies, deaths, etc., thus making him a lonely, miserable man. )

    10 months ago