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April 6, 2019

My knight prevails through the night
replacing sleep with spreadsheets.
Fluorescent lights on the brink of fizzling out,
drained from constant use
just as he runs on fumes.
Heroic elephant, he tiptoes
through glass shards.
Underneath floorboards shriek
in awe of the pounds of his feet.
Bracing for his impact
Deadlocks atop his zipped up lips,
he shields my peace. An eclipse.
Fireplace fingers rock me awake
with a “Bangarum” (gold) to
band aid plaster over any heartbreak.
Silent sounds of smiles
Our warped bodies fusing together,
purging the tar-stained hands of the sledger.
Woes like swirled spaghetti in my skull,
he wanes them into a lull.
To the rescue.
Soumia Vellanki


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