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Hi guys! Here's a blurb for my new story, the Daughter of the Sea! I don't know how long it will take or when it will be finished, but I'll keep you up to date on the progress as well as post a few poems I've been working on.
Enjoy and please ask questions in the comment section!

Daughter of the Sea Blurb

April 6, 2019


Fidget is what you'd call a rebel. He's a runaway who got kicked out of the Kalenduo Navy for having a mind of his own. But then he runs into Zoe, pirate captain of the Nightstar, who takes him on board. He quickly makes friends with Zoe's witty daughter Jinx and fellow rebellious soul Owlet and the amount of trouble they walk into is actually hilarious. But living a life on the sea isn't all fun and games. Because as Fidget is about to learn, sometimes legends have pieces of truth, and only the past can reveal the answer... 


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  • Anha

    interesting concept and intriguing synopsis. the worldbuilding and unique names give character to the story in more ways than one. you'll have to do this story justice though. often synopsises sound better than the story ends up being. good luck.

    over 1 year ago
  • Marvellous Ashlea the Intergalactic Cat

    Thank you!
    I'm quite sure you will love the names I have in store!
    I just have to start writing....

    over 1 year ago
  • Lumisade

    This. Sounds. Wonderful. I want to read this story very much.
    First off, love the names. Absolutely adore the names. It feels like I already know these characters because their names are so unique and paint such wonderful pictures.
    Second, you really had me hooked from the beginning because I love the ocean more than almost anything (seriously. I'm almost certain I must have a legendary sailor or two in my ancestry), so seafaring stories always grab my attention.
    Third, I JUST REALLY LOVE IT SO FAR. I love this idea, this plot is completely original. The only way I think to put it is that it really sounds like a rollicking good time and I can't wait to read more! You have my full and total support!

    over 1 year ago