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where do the popular kids go

By: halcyon


occasionally, during lunch when I
walk up two stories to eat with friends
my eyes follow the sound of music
and I pause.

a figure at the piano further down,
the hall where the janitor never
turns on the lights.

no one was ever with him,
as he bent over the sighing keys.
i knew he had many friends:
people knew his name, jersey.

the whole school knew him.
but no one was ever with him
when he played sad-sweet piano
on the second story
during lunch.

At my school there is a piano in one of the halls. No one really goes down that hall since there isn't any classrooms down there.
I was surprised when I started seeing a popular kid (football player, well known, good student) playing piano by himself. 

Message to Readers

I would love a peer review on this piece! I want to be able to improve at this type of poetry.

Peer Review

The simplicity and realism. It was very enjoyable to read.

I would like to know more about Jersey. How is he like sans the piano?

Reviewer Comments

What a delightful poem! You are a talented writer!