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By: Little Red Riding Hood


Change isn’t always a bad thing,
It took me a while to see that.
For a while,
I clung onto the remaining threads of friendship
As if they were my only lifeline.
But what good is a safety net when it only spreads so far?

Change isn’t always a bad thing,
It just takes time for us to see the benefits.
For a while,
The line between good and bad was a razor edge thick.
I’m tired and I’m struggling.
But I have just enough left in me to know that this isn’t the end.

Change isn’t always a bad thing,
It’s what happens to us all,
For a while,
Three hands and a red pen will dictate my happiness.
I’ll be left out in the cold.
But why should I have to settle among fading embers?

Change isn’t always a bad thing
It can actually be quite exciting,
For a while,
My small bundle of precious timber will have to the job
Of a thousand old doors
But when the time comes, we’ll be the fire keeps on burning. 

Peer Review

I like the last line. It seems really powerful to me.


How did the change effect you?

Reviewer Comments

This is great!