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Love is an Abomination

April 6, 2019

There you are,
An animal of my own creation,
A child of my mind and soul, and yet
As I watch you grow and fester I find what you really are...

A monster, abomination.
You hunt the innocent for fun,
Killing them sweetly, but leaving them better than they started.
But in leaving them you injure me,
Your mother, creator.

I can't stop myself from falling,
For you, to my knees, in agony.
All three work in this current situation.
I'm fighting your pull, your energy
Because if I give in, then I am admitting that I am powerless against you.
And I cannot admit to that.

Never that.

And yet...
Here I am, still thinking of you
What you mean in my life and to those around me.
All those lives around mine that keep finding you again and again...
But I haven't.
Not in a form that hasn't been conjured from my imagination at least.

I wish I could find you...


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