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I'm a teenage girl with a peculiar mind. I try to make sense of this hectic world through writing and it does work, sometimes. I really want to become a better writer, maybe even have something published one day.. that would be amazing. It's probably worth mentioning that a lot of my pieces are not finished and probably never will be finished, but I'm proud of them regardless, which is why I publish them. It's also probably worth mentioning that some of my pieces deal with quite dark and sad topics. I'll put trigger warnings at the start of the pieces that I believe should have trigger warnings but if you have any problems with any of the other ones, please let me know. I don't want to hurt anybody.
LR xx

Summer's Children

March 12, 2016


There are people who live for summer
And these people are my own
With colourful wrists and sun kissed hair
They hibernate from winter’s moan
Though when the grass grows green again
And the birds begin to call
My people shake off the winter blues and
From out of the trees they fall
They may look like fuckups,
Smoking lazily all day long
But at least summer makes them feel,
Feel like they belong
It’s hard for people like us
We’re prone to death and decay
We feel everything so deeply
At least out here we feel okay
So let us have our lighters
Let us paint the sky
Cos when we spread our wings
We feel like we can fly.


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