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I am 19, living in the U.S. and working on an English degree of some sort. I haven't been active on here in forever so here I am, back and better than ever.

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I wrote this in 2015 and never published it so here goes nothing


June 19, 2018

People are beautiful. In life everybody tends to ignore this. People forget to look at other people and see just how amazing and wonderful they are. When people are constantly bombarded with images that remind them they are not beautiful, it is incredibly difficult to look at ones body in a positive light. Selfies are not a cry for attention, they are a demonstration that people are beautiful in a world where nobody feels beautiful.

People say that because this generation has the ability to photograph themselves that they are self-absorbed and attention seeking. First off, I'm part of this generation. I take selfies because when I feel like a pile of trash and my face is an oil slick, I need a reminder that I am beautiful. I need to be able to look at myself as a reminder that I am not hideous. That my flaws are what make me beautiful, and if a selfie can do that, then goddamn, I'm going to take a selfie.

Historically, there are members of royalty and the aristocracy that paid a fortune to have an artist paint them in the most flattering manner possible. They would stand still for hours wearing the most extravagant clothing they had in front of a trained and skilled proffessional just for the purpose of having the most perfect painting of themselves. In this day and age, people do not do this, because it's socially unacceptable. Instead, people will find their most flattering angle, and they will take a picture using the forward facing camera on their cell phone. It's impermanent, and they may look amazing in that photo and they may want to share their beauty with the world. Yet, people have deemed it unacceptable to do so because then the person taking the selfie is a self-absorbed slut who just wants to show off their cleavage. Now, this is no way to react when somebody is feeling confident enough in themselves to put a picture of themselves up for everybody to see. That is promoting negative thoughts and feeling towards other people simply because they think they look beautiful.



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