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Black History Month

April 6, 2019

For once a month I am celebrated.
My mothers and fathers faces in the T.V.
My shampoo at the front when i walk into a store.

For 29 days I am black excellence.
My Afro used as a crown.
People telling me I should touch nothing but gold.

For 336 days I am worth as much as dirt.
That thing on the top of my head looks nappy and dirty.

For 11 months my fathers and mothers are gone from the T.V.
My brothers and sisters disappearing from magazines,
as though my entire family has gone missing.

For 11 months, 336 days, I am nothing. 
I am worthless.

For 1 month, for 29 days, I am proud of my skin.
I am blessed by my melanin.


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