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I'm a teenage girl with a peculiar mind. I try to make sense of this hectic world through writing and it does work, sometimes. I really want to become a better writer, maybe even have something published one day.. that would be amazing. It's probably worth mentioning that a lot of my pieces are not finished and probably never will be finished, but I'm proud of them regardless, which is why I publish them. It's also probably worth mentioning that some of my pieces deal with quite dark and sad topics. I'll put trigger warnings at the start of the pieces that I believe should have trigger warnings but if you have any problems with any of the other ones, please let me know. I don't want to hurt anybody.
LR xx

Lucy's Resuce

March 12, 2016


There’s no ignoring her anymore, no pretending she doesn’t exist. You might not be able to see her, but she is there. I can hear her screams from deep within my soul. Feel her nails as they try to claw out of the cell I built around her. I’ve been here before, left her in the dark, but last time I didn’t know she was there. I didn’t understand she was part of me. This time there’s no excuse. What I’ve done is wrong and I can’t just say sorry. She knows I’ll only let her down again. I seem to have a habit of doing that. Forgetting those closest to me in pursuit of some unseen enlightenment. No, I need to show her I mean what I say and in order to do that, I need to climb back inside my head for a while. It’s a dangerous place for me to be in, but Lucy’s worth it.

I allowed myself to look down, swaying on the edge of sanity, ready to let the abyss below consume me once more. But this time, I’m doing it for a reason, to recue someone. To recue Lucy. With my last breath I spread my wings and leap into the unknown, like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole. Distorted snapshots of past times brush against my skin as they drift up towards the light. But I’m not drifting, I’m falling. I brace myself for the landing, but instead the shadows cloak me in their fine whispers, carrying me gently down until my feet touch the ground. I open my eyes.

The air is still, cold with the dark of the night. Up in the sky, the full moon shines bright, radiating its mysterious glow on the world below. I kneel down at the edge of the stream, dipping my pale hands into the crisp clear water, trying to shock my body out of the dreamlike state I’m in. My toes sink into the soft saturated bank and I slowly rise, looking up ahead at maze of silvery trees across the water. I know she’s in there. I can feel it. A chilling wind disturbs the strange serenity of the wood and somewhere in the distance, a badger stirs in his sleep. With one smooth motion I step across the stream, the hem of my dress gliding through the water. In a nearby tree, an owl bids me a good evening, and I find it a comforting sound in this fractured reality. I take a ragged breath, urging the icy air to wake me up, but its bitterness only confirms that this is no dream. Treading cautiously, I make my way up to the trees, the moonlit leaves cowering away from my step. Though when I reach the top and the edge of the dense forest, I turn around, and see no river, nor bank. What is in its place is just blackness. It’s as if the shadows are telling me to go forward, they’re taking away my memories and replacing them with silence, forcing me to make more.

I reluctantly press on, my body weak and weary, my face frozen by the water. I do my best not to make any noise, not wanting to disturb her slumber. The forest grows ever thicker, and I find myself fitting into gaps that in any other reality, would be much too small for me to climb through. Though this isn’t any other reality. This is my reality. A world I built first for comfort, has become desolate and cruel, trapping my soul within its walls.

The vastness is overwhelming. Forest stretches out in front of me, clouding my vision. Every touch of the bark and every snap of a branch reminds me that this is all still alive. I left this place to die and rot with my demons, but I left Lucy down here too. Scared and alone. I need to find her. I need to tell her I love her. I breathe in and close my eyes, silencing the wind. From somewhere in the distance I hear the whimper of a child. It’s Lucy. I break into a run, a sprint, a desperate clamber to have her in my arms. The ground rakes at my feet, grabbing at my ankles, trying to pull me under. But I kick back, cursing at the hollow sky. Fuck you! Fuck all of you! Then, I see her, shivering against one of the trees, her beautiful curls tangled and thick with muck, her dress torn, red tears dripping from the cuts in her skin. She shrieks. That blood curdling cry that pierces through my heart. I say I’m sorry. “I’m sorry Lucy, I’m so so sorry.” Falling to my knees I reach for her. She flinches back, kicking me away. “I’m sorry Lucy. I’ll make it better, I promise. I’m not going to hurt anymore” She looks up at me and I hold out my hand for her to take. She’s weary of me. Who can blame her? She has no reason to trust me. The shadows lick at the back of my neck, as though they’re trying to pull me away. “Please Lucy, take my hand. I came back for you.”

Something within her changes, because she unfurls from her hiding place and looks directly at me and with a tremble of her lips, starts to cry. It’s a cry of relief, of safety. She’s no longer alone. I pull her to me, her skinny arms wrap around my shoulders and I stand up. “Thank you” I whisper. A sudden gale rips through the wood, lifting Lucy and I into the air. My wings unfold and we soar up above the trees back towards reality. Through the inky black, past the shaky memories and up up up. In time I will burn down that forest and plant a new one. It will be Lucy’s own wonderland where she can run and play. But for now, she’ll live with me. In the part of my mind that gets the most sun. She’ll be safe there. She’ll be happy.




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