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A Corspe of Time

April 16, 2019

We are bound to live here,
                                           in a corpse of Time.
                   In the in-betweens of jit-
tery fast forwards
                    and petty paced clocks.
Each second is
                          waited stretch  
as heavy as a week but if you blink,
you will find yourself sinking
to the bottom
 of a year.                                                          
                                            You can feel it,
What you have done?
                                            You can feel it while
grinding your gums to
unleash those milky whites.
                                            You can feel it in
 every grey hair spiralling out.
                                             It felt it too,
 you know.
 It dawned on Time that
                 your crooked fingers
wrap themselves around
                   an hourglass
 you could kill It.
                                             But that’s all right,
as long as your motives were
or all in good fun like
                              winding the hours down
                to wind the memories up. Or stalling
the yearning, all for us
                                   for us, you would drag time
by the edglessness  
                          into null,
                          into void,
                          into genesis.


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