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I'm a teenage girl with a peculiar mind. I try to make sense of this hectic world through writing and it does work, sometimes. I really want to become a better writer, maybe even have something published one day.. that would be amazing. It's probably worth mentioning that a lot of my pieces are not finished and probably never will be finished, but I'm proud of them regardless, which is why I publish them. It's also probably worth mentioning that some of my pieces deal with quite dark and sad topics. I'll put trigger warnings at the start of the pieces that I believe should have trigger warnings but if you have any problems with any of the other ones, please let me know. I don't want to hurt anybody.
LR xx

The Squirrel's Close Call

March 12, 2016


The squirrel poked his head out of the tree to check if the coast was clear, then in a flash, scurried effortlessly along the branch to where the fruit was aplenty. He knew he only had a matter of minutes to fill his cheeks full of berries before the predators start stalking. But he tried to think instead of his family tucked safely away in the tree trunk and how happy they will be when he arrives home with his fresh bounty. Suddenly, a hawk from above let out a loud squawk and the squirrel froze. He had to act fast, or the hawk would have him for dinner. So using his powers of camouflage, he edged back towards the trunk, keeping one eye on the hawk, and one eye on the doorway of his dwelling, which was quite difficult when you have a mouth full of food. Finally, the doorway was in sight, but so was the squirrel to the hawk! The hawk began to dive, but luckily the squirrel made it to the trunk just in time.

He landed with a thump on the floor of his home, the fruits of his labour rolling out of his open mouth. A few were a little squashed, but the majority were still intact, and his children rejoiced as their mother kissed their father’s cheek and thanked him for being so brave. “Daddy, daddy, what can we eat first?” The children cried in unison. With a laugh, the squirrel stood up, and gazed at the feast before him. “Well my dear family” He said pulling them close to him “We have horse chestnuts, red berries, acorns and some sort of strange fruit I found stuck onto a twig. Take your pick!” The children went for the strange fruit, for they were inquisitive creatures, whilst the mother and father tucked into a delicious meal of horse chestnuts and acorns. It had been an eventful evening for the squirrels, but now they could relax, knowing that they were safe and full of food and they needn’t venture out into danger for a little while longer.


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