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Orfäg #SciFi (edit)

April 6, 2019



    The red moon rose slowly over the horizon, shedding crimson light on the solid rock ground. I wondered if there was water anywhere on this planet. 

    They began to stir and crawl from the dens, which were carved into the ground. I shivered at the thought of being trapped here with them forever. They resembled humans—sort of—only a billion times more terrifying.

    Kläptran came over to my cage and stared at me. Again. He was the leader of whatever they called themselves. His black eyes were a frightening contrast to his white skin and long straight red hair. He was much fiercer then the rest and his stare sent chills down my spine. He handed me my water pouch, which fortunately had been brought from my spaceship. I took a few slow sips, wondering how long the rest would last.  

    "How do you speak our language?" Kläptran asked again.

    "I don't know!” I insisted. “I’m from the planet Earth. If your people could repair my ship, I would gladly return."
  "How can we trust you?"

    "You can't." I was getting tired of answering the same questions. I wished I would have refused when I was offered the chance to go into space, but I had always wanted to be an astronaut. 

    "Take him out!" Kläptran called to the others.

    They immediately obeyed and I was forced to my knees before Kläptran. This had never happened before. He took out a dagger and held it towards the sky. 
  "Oh, heavenly Father, I seek out thy guidance. An alien has landed on Orfäg and I know not whether to trust him. If he be friend, mighty God, let not this blade pierce him." He brought the blade down on my back and a fierce pain filled my body. The blade had cut me. I started to pass out, but someone pulled me to my feet. 

    "Stop, Kläptran, in the name of thy God."

    I was released and stumbled back a few steps. When I looked up, I saw something that was engraved in my memory: an Angel. Everyone dropped to the ground and mumbled in prayer.

    "He is no enemy of yours,” the Angel continued. “You are brothers in the eyes of God. Repair his ship and help him home." He disappeared in a fiery flash.

    All was silent for a moment, then Kläptran helped me to my feet. "I will help you home, brother."
    "May I come back sometime?" I asked. The question seemed to surprise him as much as it did me. 
    "You are most welcome."


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