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Trouble for Bella

April 5, 2019


“You come right back out here!”
Bella Strong tapped her bare foot impatiently, hands on her hips, and glared through the doorway; dim compared to the sunny outdoors.
She cleared her throat as white whiskers and a pert nose peeked around the base of the navy-blue door.
“Bark ...” Bella added a warning to her tone. She pointed to the ground before her sharply. “This minute! Or else I’ll come in there and drag you out.” Bella eyed her cat knowingly. “And we both know how much you would like that!”
Bark (named after the fact that the pattern of her fur looked like tree bark) took two steps forward, then sat down to lick her two front white paws.
“I will not allow you to waste a perfectly beautiful, warm April day indoors.” Bella cocked her head to the side and glared harder. Bark blinked back as though she hadn’t the faintest idea what her person could be upset about.
“Don’t you look at me like that.” The scent of plum blossoms and wild violets teased her nose, and she wished she were enjoying them instead of arguing with her disobedient cat.
“Okay, I’m giving you five seconds to come out before I go in and get you.”
Bark promptly turned her back to Bella and slunk away.
“No you don’t!” Bella ran inside just in time to see Bark disappear up the carpeted stairs.
“You’d better stay out of mom’s sewing room! Or she might skin you alive!” Bella gripped the polished wood banister and threw herself up after the cat. “And I might help her.” She muttered under her breath.
Warm sunshine slanted through the skylight onto the second-story hallway. Bella ducked into the first door on her left and stood still for a fraction of a second.
There was the willow basket of colorful yarn balls against the wall, and the white Singer sewing machine on the dark walnut desk. But no Bark.
Bella peered covertly around the corner, sure she was hiding somewhere.
The bureau, the ironing board, mom’s unfinished summer dress draped over the brown leather-topped stool. But where is …
A set of white paws lounged behind the yarn basket.
Bella smiled victoriously to herself and tip-toed across the cream-colored carpet.
“Uh huh! Nice try, Bark.”
Said cat smirked up at her as if to say: Ah, my little servant, you have not triumphed yet.
Bella reached down, slid her hands just behind Bark’s front legs, and gathered the soft cat up into her arms.
“We’re both going out, whether you like it or not.”
Bark licked her arm contentedly, and Bella sighed with resignation. “You’re too cute to be naughty.”
Bella took two steps down the hallway and paused, all senses on alert.
Is it just my imagination, or did I hear a noise downstairs? Bella thought quickly. Andrew’s not supposed to get home until dinner time; then mom and dad are at the beach.
There was a series of quiet footfalls on the dining-room wood floor.
Definitely not my imagination. Bella’s mind raced with fear. She hoped it was only Andrew coming home from school early. She glanced over the railing at the open front door. Why wouldn’t he have closed the door?
Bark mewed in her arms, and Bella realized her hold was too tight, and set the annoyed kitty on the floor. Bark ran back into the sewing room, but Bella didn’t move, too scared to do so much as breathe.
There were more noises from downstairs.
Weapon. I need a weapon. Bella slowly tip-toed back down the hallway to the last open door on the left.
Her polka-dot pajamas lay on the floor by her closet where she’d left them that morning. She took a swift glance around the airy space and settled on the bookcase.
Bella walked over, careful not to trip over anything that would make a noise and alert the intruder to her presence. She kneeled down, judging the books by thickness and possible weight.
Lord of the Rings, Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary. Or …
Her eyes trailed up to the piano trophies sitting proudly on top of the bookshelf.
Bella stood and picked the tallest one up. Probably heavier than a book. Making a decision, she strode out of her bedroom with the neck of the gold cup in her fist.
She walked snail-like down the stairs, thankful -for once- that they were carpeted. Then Bella caught her first glance of the stranger as he walked into the kitchen and around a corner out of sight.
He was tall, dark-haired, and wore jeans and a red t-shirt.
Odd garb for a thief. Bella pondered it only for a moment before stepping off the stairs. The wood floor felt cold to her bare feet; shivers ran up her spine.
Am I seriously stalking an intruder? She wasn’t sure that she truly wanted to know.
Trophy clutched dangerously in her right hand, Bella slid along the textured wall, holding her breath and praying.
She peeked around the corner, seeing only the intruder’s back as he stuffed a book and a few other odd items into a black backpack.
He’s stealing Andrew’s things. Rage boiled up into Bella’s throat.
“What are you doing?” She demanded, wielding the gold cup like a hammer above her head.
The man whirled around, light brown eyes wide. He looked from the ‘weapon’ to Bella, then back again. Then after a moment, he visibly relaxed, and something akin to a smirk spread across his face.
“You must be Bella.”
Huh? “What are you doing?” She repeated, starting to feel silly, since this man obviously knew her name, and seemed to have a very good reason for being here.
“Blame Andrew. He forgot some stuff for our project, and since he was busy and I wasn’t, I offered to get them for him.” He held out his hand as Bella’s mind spun with a mixture of confusion and humiliation. “I’m Nathan Beyers, by the way.”
Oh, right. Bella remembered Andrew talking about him. Heat raced up to scorch her cheeks, and she shook his hand sheepishly.
“Nice to meet you.” After I almost brained you with my trophy.
Apparently Nathan was thinking the same thing because he eyed it warily. “Are you going to put that away now?”
Quickly, Bella set it down on a nearby coffee table. She couldn’t quite make herself look Nathan in the eye. She fiddled with a blonde lock of her hair.
“Hey, uh, please don’t tell Andrew that I almost knocked his science partner out.”
There was a chuckle from Nathan, and her gaze darted to his face. He was smiling as he traced an X across his chest with his forefinger.
“I promise I won’t. It’ll be our secret.”
It was only then that Bella realized how good-looking he really was, and she dropped her gaze back to the floor and took a few steps back.
“Well, I hope you have a nice day, Nathan. And don’t get killed by any girls with makeshift weapons.”
He laughed, and it warmed Bella’s heart more than the sunshine outside did.
“Yes ma’am, I’ll try to avoid them.” Nathan slung the backpack over one shoulder and made for the door.
“Oh!” An idea had formed in Bella’s head. “If you wanted, you could come over for dinner tonight with Andrew.” Her lips twitched in amusement. “Unless you’re afraid I might try to hit you again.”
“I just might do that. Thanks.” Nathan held his hand up in a wave, then was gone. And Bella could only hope that she would see him again soon.
She watched him back his car out of the driveway, then went out the front door where Bark was perched on the edge of a white lawn chair, cleaning her paw.
Bella kneeled next to the cat, stroking her striped fur absentmindedly. “That was an adventure, wasn’t it?”
Bark blinked up at her and let out a decided merrroww!
“You’re no fun.” Bella stood and walked toward the front door.
“I guess I’d better-” As she cracked the door open, a small furry presence slid through the opening and scampered away into the house.
“Oh no you don’t!” Bella ran after Bark. “Come back here!”
This was written for my friend Hannah Major (a recently-published author)! You should check out her book Stone Panthers!


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    Mm ... I'm not sure. She might have more info about it on Goodreads. Or actually, you could just ask her personally. I'm almost positive she has Stone Panther books at home.

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    Hahaha!!! This is so cute! I like this. XD Oooh!!! I'll have to check it out! Where can I find it?

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