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What's It Like, Out of the Comfort Zone? (Episode One: Friendship Circle Theory)

April 5, 2019


Don't ask me who's all in my class, because I can only say their names and what I think of them. I don't want to speculate with you, new friend.

Are...are we friends?

Uh, anyway, I took my seat by the door, in case I needed to make a tactical retreat. This big guy sits by me...big ones are scary.

He turns to look at me, I think he caught me staring. I turn away just to see the teacher come into the classroom. 

As she started to teach, I got a piece of wadded uppaper thrown at me. I throw it back to where it came. It came back. After quietly telling it I can't be friends with paper, I throw it. 

This time, the big guy mouths 'Open it'. 

Its a note, which simply says hi. I wave at him in return.

Potential friend found...?


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