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I'm a teenage girl with a peculiar mind. I try to make sense of this hectic world through writing and it does work, sometimes. I really want to become a better writer, maybe even have something published one day.. that would be amazing. It's probably worth mentioning that a lot of my pieces are not finished and probably never will be finished, but I'm proud of them regardless, which is why I publish them. It's also probably worth mentioning that some of my pieces deal with quite dark and sad topics. I'll put trigger warnings at the start of the pieces that I believe should have trigger warnings but if you have any problems with any of the other ones, please let me know. I don't want to hurt anybody.
LR xx

Maiden Cove

March 12, 2016


The beach was the main reason dad bought the house. The building itself was dilapidated, its grand age wearing down on the majesty it once possessed. But the sandy shoreline below was as timeless as the frequent tide. I know when my dad saw the house, he ignored the ‘danger’ signs, and broken windows, and the fractured roof, and instead was drawn in by the site’s sheer beauty and wonder. He thought of beach parties and boat trips around the cove, he thought of afternoon tea on the lawn that overlooked the waves, he thought of visitors coming from far and wide to enjoy the pleasantries of the land. He was good at doing that, ignoring the problems. But what stood before us was very different to my dad’s vision. This house needed serious work. But he didn’t mind. Him and his partner, Jake, could fix it up, they were strong, capable men, they could do it, right? They were going to have to, because there was no way I was going to stay in a flimsy caravan during the winter gales. I was certain of that.

It’s not as if I had no say in buying the house. It’s just when dad asked me if this was the one, I’d just had an argument with him, my phone was playing up and I was on my period, so the most he got out of me was a grunt, and obviously he took that grunt as a “Yes dad, I would love to live in an old mansion that’s already inhabited by mice and owls and beetles.”  Nature wanted to take over this house, why shouldn’t let it? It already had a head start with the creeping ivy. My dad was a determined man though, and as soon as he signed on the dotted line, my whole world was put in the back of a lorry and driven from the busy city of London, down to Maiden Cove, Dorset.

“You’re the girl with the gay dad’s right?” I’d always hated starting a new school. You were the shiny new toy stood helplessly in a completely new toy box surrounded by other toys who knew where they were going.  In the schools in London, they’d left me to find my own was round, which was in some ways better than having a “student helper” assigned to you to ‘ensure you feel safe and included on your first day.” What a load of bollocks. I also hated my dad being referred to as “gay”. Yes, he is, but he’s also much more than that. And excuse me, I have one gay dad. Don’t get me wrong, Jake is cool, but my mum is out there somewhere, I just don’t know where.

My student helper was called Nadia. She was nice enough. I ignored her comment about my dad, obviously that’s how I’d been introduced to the school, so there was no point trying to change it. She did ask lots of questions though, she was the inquisitive type, taking on extra jobs such as this one to earn extra kudo point from the teachers. I told her my name, which is Valerie, and let her guess the rest. I wasn’t here to make friends, I didn’t need friends. I was here to learn. The rest of the day went by in a strange blur as I stumbled around the corridors of St Christopher’s Secondary school, and I longed to get home and rest. But when my dad pulled up in the big blue van with cobwebs in his hair, I knew I’d be doing very little resting tonight.


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