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Run And Escape - An Apocalypse Story

April 11, 2019


Run and escape. 
    The bright sun sifted through green leaves and left sweat and heat on my forehead. My black hair swished across my shoulder blades as I ran. Harsh breaths escaped my mouth in pants, I'm almost there, almost there. I was nowhere. Lost in my head, lost in this world. There was nowhere safe that I could hide.
    I pushed branches back viciously behind me, not looking at the bones crunching under my feet. They destroyed everything. I felt feverish and shaky as I ran, wondering what would happen, thoughts coursed wildly through my mind like a crashing river, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't push them away.
    You'll never escape. Everyone will die. You're friends are dead. You're family is gone. There will be nothing left. 
    What if I'm the only survivor? 

    I scowled at that last voice in my head and darted faster through that forest, my thoughts burning up a fire inside of me, keeping me going even when I knew there was no use. Dexton would say pray, pray for your life, but the grace of God is far out of reach from this world. 
    I tripped on a rock and toppled down to the ground, scraping my knees on more bones. Like daggers they sliced open my skin and blood trickled out. 
    It seemed my blood was trying to run too, as it sped off my knees and dropped to the ground, as if I was the enemy. 
    My breathing came to a tough ragged stop. Moaning, crunching. Heavy steps shuffled through the leaves. Run and escape. My heart hammered in my chest as I felt the groan grow louder, closer. 
    I didn't dare face the noise. 
    Run and escape; run and escape; run and escape; run and- 


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