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If anyone is curious about how to pronounce my name, please read the following . . .

Drochmaier: (Drah-ck-my-er)

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Writing is a gateway to a universe built by your mind alone. Whimsical universes to steam laden cities with bronzen beasts. It is a skill that can be learned just like any other. So claiming you cannot write is to say you cannot breath. Writing is a gift everyone receives, and to master it you must practice your craft just like any other skill.

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April 5, 2019

Although you sit silent, you feel your skin cook.
You feel the glare, and hear the howls of a million beasts.
Can the scathing poison spit from hissing jaws rattle your armor?
The world is ending they told me, we will all perish under a blaze.
They all hate you, hate your very being, all stitched from star dust, alas they hate you.
Is is true?
It is honest words that flow from their mouths?
Of course said the man in the ivory tower, they all spit at your abode.
Of course said the flesh and glass, look at my proof!
Of course said Number #8394, fall into rank, the prophet awaits.
They all told me.
Told us.
Told star children descendants from dark, that we are to listen to them.
Sit in line, wait your turn, you're right up next.
Put the goggles on, and glue the suction on your head.
You'll learn, sooner or later.


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