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I'm a teenage girl with a peculiar mind. I try to make sense of this hectic world through writing and it does work, sometimes. I really want to become a better writer, maybe even have something published one day.. that would be amazing. It's probably worth mentioning that a lot of my pieces are not finished and probably never will be finished, but I'm proud of them regardless, which is why I publish them. It's also probably worth mentioning that some of my pieces deal with quite dark and sad topics. I'll put trigger warnings at the start of the pieces that I believe should have trigger warnings but if you have any problems with any of the other ones, please let me know. I don't want to hurt anybody.
LR xx

A Change in Character

March 12, 2016


The morning was new and bright. The family had just parted their ways to work and school with promise of a nice dinner when they returned. Mum, dad, sister and brother. A nice normal family on a nice normal street in the middle of England. The dad had a normal job as a team manager for a company of some kind. The mum worked as a teaching assistant in the local primary school that both her children grew up in. Having their mother being there as they played with sand and wrote their name in their first wobbly letters consequently meant that they were being watched over. Not in stalker kind of fashion but in a mother’s way and a habit was developed that she never really grew out of. Her children were pleasant characters to be around. Polite and sociable, well behaved and incredibly talented in their fields due to their parents noticing that talent at a young age and spending quite a substantial amount of money to get them going. The family as a whole had a few bumpy moments like one of their relatives dying but never anything major. Not that isn’t major but like most families, they got through it and it brought them closer together.

The girl’s name was Kester.  A name some people might think unusual and indeed it was, somewhat unfitting to this family but it suited the girl. She was light in weight as a baby and stayed this way all through her life. Her mother wanted to name her after a bird and chose Kestrel, later shortened to Kester. At this time in which I writing about this girl was 14, in the middle of her third year at secondary school and doing well. She had many good friends, some of which had lives like hers, some did not. She didn’t care what background they were from. But anyhow she was a good listener and people came from all over the school to talk to her. She was in the middle of the school’s “pecking order” you see. Not very popular, but at the same time, she wasn’t a “freak”. She was nice. She spoke to everyone in the same way and that is why people liked her. She was kind. The boy’s name was Oscar. He was prized in the school for his sportsmanship and he and his sister walked around school together in a way that made people look up to them. They spoke to everyone and anyone. No matter what year, no matter what “Label”.
When that distinctive sound of the school bell rang they said their goodbyes and he went to the sports hall and she went to the drama studio. Kester loved drama you see. She could sing, dance and act which made her a big hit in the school productions. But she didn’t just go to the drama studio because she liked drama, no. She went because that was her form room. Lucky huh? Oscar was also lucky because the sports hall was his form room. The siblings were two years apart from each other making Oscar 16 and in Year 11. He planned to go the sports collage and pursue his dream to become a professional rugby player. He was already in the county team and although he was brilliant at many sports, rugby was his favourite.

Kester wandered in to her form room chatting to a couple of friends she’d picked up along the way. The room was warm and remnants of past plays and musicals lurked in the corners where the stage lights didn’t quite hit.  As there were no chairs or tables apart from the teacher’s desk, which their teacher was sitting upon, the girls sat on the floor, dumping their bags and mingling with the other excited thespian students about the poster that had appeared on the wall informing about a new mysterious play that the school would be putting on. After Kester had spoken to her teacher about what she did on the week off the school had for half term, something she did with all her teachers, she went over to the notice board in which the poster was placed and wrote her name down on the auditions sheet. She was first, naturally and when others saw what Kester had done, they followed in pursuit of their idol. Kester didn’t ask for this kind of attention, she just got it. It was something that came with being liked and being good at something. And Kester was good at drama.

As Kester went back to her place on the floor and watched the gaggle of people signing up she noticed someone at the back. A girl was patiently waiting her turn as she let others sign before her. Kester had never seem this girl before and she only saw the back but her now realized presence made Kester feel something she had never felt before. And she couldn’t quite put her finger on what this was. So when the line of people had died down and this mysterious girl had gone, Kester went up to the board again as if to see what else was on offer. They had had a week off so something new, like a club could of sprung up, but no. Kester was already signed up to everything and this wasn’t the reason she scanned the board. She wanted know what the girl’s name was, she couldn’t work out why, but it seemed necessary so Kester went which her instincts. Something her mother taught her to do a while back. Kester’s eyes reached the bottom of the signup sheet and sure enough only taking up half a space was an incredibly neat signature.  I Burton    So her last name was ‘Burton’. And her first name began with an ‘I’ Kester thought. The actual name of the girl that Kester seemed to of suddenly become so interested in was yet to be unknown, but it would be something that Kester would think about all day.

But what intrigued Kester the most wasn’t the girls’ name or the fact that she had never seen her before, it was the fact that she was so interested in the girl. Why was this? Kester pushed a thought to the back of her mind and walked back to her place. The teacher called the class to order and took a register. Miss Hatter, the teacher, didn’t call out this girl’s name, probably a tactical thing to avoid embarrassment for the girl. Everyone was present and correct and Miss Hatter proceeded to explain the class that auditions would be held at lunch and only then would the title and synopsis be revealed. Quiet mutters about the secrecy of production spread across the class and the noise level rose as more people get involved with conversation. The drama studio was big, complete with curtains and stage lights so small shows could be presented. Kester’s eyes moved from group to group trying to locate the silent girl named ‘I Burton’. “Looking for someone Kester?” Miss Hatter’s voice sounded loud and clear like any drama teacher’s voice should. The voice of confidence, the voice of wisdom to people like Kester. Pretty much everyone in this room wanted to go into the drama business and Miss Hatter and the other two drama teachers were their tickets out. “Err, yeah, the new girl, I saw her name on the signup sheet. Where is she?” Kester asked.

Miss Hatter nodded knowingly. “I’m glad you noticed her Kester I really am. She needs someone like you to take her under your wing.”

Kester followed her teacher’s gaze to a corner behind a big group of people. As soon as Kester spotted the girl, it was a wonder that she hadn’t seen her in the first place. There sat a brunette girl with her ear phones in reading what looked like a pass script the class had read through last year. She must have found it on the floor. The drama studio was by no means tidy so when productions were to be put on, the cast had the job of pushing everything backstage so it couldn’t be seen. Which is a good idea but it means that people are forever finding stuff from 3, 4 years ago.  Just looking now Kester could see the tree she hid behind in her first production as an y7. She smiled remembering and then her eyes flicked back to the girl.
Her socks were long and striking white against her caramel skin. Her skirt was average length, just above the knee of her long legs. The green of the school uniform suited her, something unusual because not many people could pull of dark green. But this girl looked like she could pull off anything.

Kester pulled her eyes away from this girl and returned to Miss Hatter. “So what’s her name?”
Miss Hatter smiled “I’m sure she can tell you that when you go and speak to her. You are auditioning for the main roles aren’t you Kester?” This was more of an assumption than a question but Kester couldn’t help but say “Yes!”

“Good, because so is our new girl. I do hope you both get through. But believe me, she does have a talent.” Miss Hatter replied. That was code for “you’ve got some completion on your hands girl.” And this hit Kester. The possibility that someone could be better than her at drama!? I said Kester was nice, not that she wasn’t cocky about herself.  But I guess if you’ve had no competition for as long as Kester has, you get that way. Her competition didn’t stop her from being so extremely interested in the girl though. Why was that?

That distinctive sound of the school bell rang once again signalling first lesson. Kester stood up, took her bag and with three friends beside her, she walked to her lesson partly glad to be out of the room. But as lunch time crept closer and closer, Kester began to feel, nervous, a feeling she had never felt before and that frightened the hell out of her!


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