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Janna Brown

United States

I'm a bit of an old soul, with a passion for writing. I believe strongly in freedom of speech and love to hear everyones opinion, whether I agree or not. I hope to sieze everyday and find adventure always, but more than anything I love to be outside.

Message to Readers

This is one of two poem I wrote at around 2 o'clock last night when I couldn't sleep and I wanted to share it with you all, to see what you think of my insomniac poems.

The Drive Within

April 5, 2019


You've learned so much and yet have so much left to learn.
You've driven down so many roads and yet seem to keep missing a turn.
You've spent so much time worrying about tomorrow, that you've forgotten about today.
You've spent so much time searching that you seem to have lost your way.
If only there was a compass or map or something you haven't tried,
You seem to forget, to find yourself you must take a look inside. 


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