Kennedy W.

United States

Kennedy Wade lives in Seabrook Texas. She has written a whole bunch of papers and essays during her school career. She runs cross country and track for her high school at Clear Falls and has received various academic awards sports awards.

Fast Food Desert

April 7, 2019

It all started with a proposal
of expansion,
no one thought anything of it
until things started to disappear.

These just weren't any ordinary
they were well established businesses,
buildings with personality,
and seemingly reliability.

Reliability that would guarantee 
that your soul
and your stomach would be filled up,
with the tasty satisfaction that it deserved.

These buildings vanished
off of the side of the road,
some left as mysteriously as they arrived,
while others left with parting notes.

Notes of encouragement 
to go to their other locations, 
notes of remembrance
to not forget what that empty spot on the side of the road
used to be,
notes of reduced prices
realizing that food shouldn't go to waste.

When I realized that these buildings started to go
my taste buds were instantly deprived.

They were deprived of the sweetness of frozen drinks
on a warm sunny day,
they were deprived of the saltiness of french fries
that were eaten so often.

One by one notorious restaurants
erased their locations off of google maps
in the city of Seabrook.

All for for some expanding roadway,
Seabrook has become,
a Fast Food



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