A Breath Into Silence

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April 16, 2019

I wish you could tell me what I am doing wrong
because the sky is falling down
    and a long time ago the world was bright
    and the sun shot golden thread through windowpanes but
    now it has fled down behind the horizon, leaving me in
    the darkness to wait out the night

I wish you could tell me when I started this downward spiral
because I can't remember before
    and I can't imagine an after
    and I can't imagine a single sheep
    only a long and endless night spent
    with the stars strewn across the heavens, where they are
    just outside my reach

....it is always now, just past midnight,
    that the solitude presses down between my shoulderblades
and I feel the earth's gravity pulling me down

I wish you were here to chase away the shadows
because I attended the sun's funeral
    and she isn't coming back for a long time
    and the moon has left to weep
    so that the light is gone and I wait here
    until the sun rises again to shine bright

....and I know that tomorrow, when the shadows have receded,
we will laugh about my foolish imagination
    and we will repaint this travesty of a night
    and the shadows will become toothless creatures
    created by a quiet and sleepy mind, but for now
    I'll lay down and close my eyes tight

.... it is always now, just past midnight,
    that the solitude presses down between my shoulderblades
and all I can do is wait for morning to come



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  • AScribeCalledNoku

    Your discription! Your discription! Your discription! Like, the new vision and expression. It pulled out something so different from inside of me about an experience I've had before.
    Just wow

    9 months ago
  • omicron7889

    'because I attended the sun's funeral' is probably my favourite line. It's so poignant and the imagery of the death of a huge entity in our lives is very powerful. Well done for this poem!

    9 months ago