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The Storm Inside of Me

April 4, 2019

I can feel it brewing within me, 
I can feel it surrounding my heart squeezing it, tearing at my soul
I can feel it all around me, in the air, in my lungs
I say to myself, control it, put your walls up 
I say to myself, don't let people see the storm brewing inside you
I say to myself, hold it in, press it deeper down, down, down inside you
Don't let it slip from your tongue
Don't focus on it, keep on living
Don't let them know how you truly feel

For there is a storm that is engulfing me
I can not describe its power, its strength
For it is the opposite of who I paint myself to be 
I am kind, quiet, reserved, calm
For it is all the things I am not, powerful, loud, confident, turbulent
I can not hold it in any longer, I can not choke on my words
For you take advantage of me, you control me
I will not be quiet any longer
For I will speak my mind
I will show you the steel, the power, the voice, the fearlessness, the storm inside my soul
For I am now free 



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