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Miranda Chang

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Taste Before Speech

March 31, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

The room was tense
Air turned sharp and stiffened
One man and a young girl stared intensely
One pair of eyes was black with apathy
The other had tears quietly streaming so fluidly
No one understood what happened a millisecond ago
Both were confused and hurt
"Why?" she stuttered
No answer peeped out
Suddenly, her face deeply reddened
The man stood in shock
Ignorant of what his actions caused
A relationship has dissolved
Broken in all forms
With no hope of being mended together
Devastated, the girl hurriedly ran out of the room
The atmosphere was bittersweet
Hindsight was now 20/20 for him
He did not realize the importance
The true essence, the power
Of a kind word
What he spat out
Were bullets that pierced the soft spots of the skin
But this time, it was a possession that made her feel bold
Her shield, her bravery
It was her self-esteem
Now it was shattered, fallen below Earth
He did not think that it would not affect at him at all
But he was the most vulnerable of all
It was now his job to pick up the pieces 
And place them delicately back together
Words are beautifully crafted
They can be uplifting
Or incredibly detrimental
It is wondrous how the power of words
Have the ability to make someone stand on Cloud Nine
Or crumble like sand to be stepped on


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