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Would I would like to know is that is there ANYTHING I can do to make it more gory?

Snow White and the Seven Cannibals

March 6, 2015



There once was a princess who had hair as black as ebony, skin as light as snow, and lips that were as red as a rose. Her name was Snow White.

            Snow White had a stepmother who was the queen. The queen feared that one day Snow White’s beauty would surpass her own, so she forced Snow White to do house work and wear rags. Snow White was safe as long as everyone thought she was the most beautiful of them all, but one day she heard something different and was hurt.

            The queen couldn’t handle the pain and what everyone thought of her, so she found a way out.

            Her way out was when the room was spinning, the walls were dripping like wet paint, and she saw stars until everything went black. She would always wake up the next day and repeat it again.

            One day, the room was on fire. The floor beneath her was warm, and she stood in front of a mirror. The queen stared into it for a long time. A face appeared. She stepped back, but then asked: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

            The face in the mirror smiled.

            “Why, Snow White is, of course,” it replied, confirming the popular belief. The queen raged.

            “What does everyone think that?” she screamed, picking up an object from the table next to her and tossing it at the mirror. The mirror fell off of the wall and hit the stone floor, shattering, and flinging glass everywhere.

            The tiny pieces hit the queen in the face, sticking in her forehead and her cheeks. To her, it felt like a soft mist grazing her face.

            She stumbled over to her bed, falling down and only missing it by a few steps. Her knees buckled and she crashed onto the ground. Then, she blacked out to only repeat it the next day.


The queen woke up in her bed, the huntsman standing beside her.

            “You fell,” he said, staring at the pieces of glass still in her face. The blood that dripped from her cuts was now dried and some cuts had scabbed over.

            The queen remembered little of what had happened, but enough.

            “Huntsman,” she said, reaching out lazily to grab his arm, “I need a favor from you.” He knelt down beside her.

            “Yes?” he asked. “Anything.” The queen closed her eyes and then opened them again to look directly at him.

            “Kill Snow White,” she ordered, sitting up. Next, she got out of bed and went over to the mirror and picked up a box and handed it to the huntsman.

            “Kill her,” the queen ordered once more, “and put her heart in this box and bring it to me, so I make sure that you don’t fail.” The huntsman’s eyes went wide.

            “Kill the princess? Why?”

            “No questions! Do what I say!” she shouted. “Take her far away from here! Into the woods where no one will ever find her body. Take her to pick daisies or something.” The huntsman nodded.

            “Yes, your highness.” Then he left.

The huntsman found Snow White and told her that he was to take her to pick some flowers for the castle. She smiled and happily agreed to leave with him. They went far away from the castle, far into the woods. Snow White picked flowers, singing to herself and to the birds around her. Her back was turned to the huntsman and she was completely oblivious.

He drew his dagger and started to creep up on the young princess. His shadow cast over her and she turned around and screamed. Snow White dodged his attempt to stab her and started to run. Branches tore at her legs and dress as she ran through the woods that seemed to get exceedingly dark.

When the sun was almost finished setting, Snow White came up on a small cottage. The lights weren’t on so she assumed that no one was home. She entered the cottage.

Inside it was dark and dusty and there were cobwebs. Dishes were scattered all over the table and on the floor. The place was a mess.

“This place is filthy,” she said to herself, running her finger along the top on the table and picking up a significant amount of dust. Then, just as Snow White was about to explore the rest of the place, a sound came from outside. It sounded like a bunch of men, humming.

That must be the people who live here, she thought. Snow White went and sat on a chair and waited for them to enter. Seven dwarfs entered, all looking like they hadn’t bathed in years.

“Hello,” Snow White greeted. The dwarfs all looked at each other.

“Food!” they all screamed at the same time, running towards Snow White. She screamed and tried to escape as she was tied up.

“Geez I never ever would get to eat again,” said one of them.

“Yeah, me neither, Doc,” said one who looked particularly angry. They all gathered in a circle.

“Sneezy, go and start to burn coals and get them nice and hot. Bashful, prepare the carrots. Dopey, go and get some sticks for Sneezy,” Doc ordered. “Tomorrow we will have a nice dinner that will keep us full for a long time.”

            So all of the dwarfs gathered things that they would need to cook and eat Snow White, while back at the castle, the huntsman had problems of his own.

            “I told you to kill her. What you bring me is a pig’s heart!” The queen threw the box.

            “She escaped!” he replied.

            “Well go find her, and kill her!” the queen screamed at him. “And if you fail, then I’ll have you hanged!”

            “Yes, my queen.” The huntsman was about to leave when the queen called after him. “Yes?”

            “Wait here,” she said. “You won’t be able to do this alone.” She went down into where the dungeons were supposed to be. There is where she hid all of her evil devices. No one knew that she would secretly torture and kill all of the kingdoms criminals there.

            The queen grabbed an apple and then concocted and dipped the apple into poison. When she was done she went back up to the throne room and handed it to the huntsman.

            “Kill her with this,” the queen explained. “Make sure she eats at least one bite.” The huntsman nodded and left the castle, and then went back into the woods to find Snow White.


Once the huntsman was back in the woods he searched far and wide for the young princess. He thought he would have to go back to the queen and tell her that he had failed, but then his luck turned around. He saw the small cottage from afar, chimney going and the lights on, and Snow White sitting in the window in plain sight.

            He went up to the front door and set the apple down with a note attached to it, addressed: For Snow White, From Prince Charming. The huntsman knocked on the door and one of the dwarfs, Happy, answered it. He picked up the apple and completely disregarded the note.

            “Hey, another apple we can use for the feast!” he exclaimed, shutting the door behind him. The huntsman went over to one of the windows and looked inside. There, Snow White was lying on the table, skin crisp and eye sockets burnt out. Around her, there was an assortment of food, including the apple the queen had given him to kill Snow White. It was chopped up into seven pieces.

            The dwarfs gathered around the table and the food was divided up between the seven. Some got a part of Snow White’s arm, others got her leg or stomach.

            “I love the guts,” said Grumpy, digging in. He looked over to the corner, was Dopey was doing his usual. “Come and get some food, Dopey. You’ll be hungry after that.” Dopey shook his head, eyes glazed over and red. He left the room, stumbling up the stairs into the dwarfs bedroom.

            “His loss,” Doc said. “Let’s dig in.”

            Then, the huntsman heard a noise from behind him. He ran over to the side of the cottage and hid behind a bush. From there, he saw a very handsome young man dismount his horse and got over to knock on the cottage door. The huntsman waited for one of the dwarfs to answer it, but none of them did. He watched the man carefully.

            “Hello?” the man said as he entered the cottage. “I’m Prince—Ah!” Inside, six tiny bodies lay sprawled on the floor next to tiny bits of apple. A girl’s body laid, fried on the table and cut open. Cooked to the bone. The prince gasped and was about to leave, when the huntsman came up behind him and stabbed him in the back with a dagger.

            The prince fell to the ground, bleeding out. The huntsman went over to the cannibalistic feast and turned his head away as he reached into Snow White’s chest and grabbed her heart. Next, he put it in the box and went back to the castle, hoping to please the queen.

            When the huntsman got back to the castle, the queen was far gone. She looked at him strangely as he approached her.

            “My queen, I have done as you asked.” She continued to stare at him, and then directed her attention towards the box. The huntsman opened the box and showed her the human heart. The queen hissed, and then picked up a fire pick and beat him. The monster. His face was melting and there were bugs crawling all over his body. His skin was purple and green.

            The queen breathed heavily. Almost so, where she thought that one lung was flooding and the other was on fire. She fell onto the stone floor and blacked out. The only difference this time from the last, she didn’t wake up to be the fairest of them all.

A piece I had to do for Creative Writing class. We had to twist a fairytale and make it some sort of horror story if it involved princesses.


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