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Tell me what you thought of this poem. I speant quite a bitnof time on it, so any feedback and soft criticism will be much appreciated!


April 8, 2019

All I want is understanding.

I do hate parties.
A place where I am
Expected to make small talk
To people who are not
Respected. No,
Not at all. 
They squawk like fools
About their day,
Though I hadn't even asked,
With nothing else
Left to say, nothing else
To show for 

Strangers like these,
They disinterest me.
I try well to please
With the fake smile
Stretched on my face.
I do beguile these ones;
I hope I do.
My voice laced with cold
Holding my scold
With no choice.
My need to leave just

The last thing I want
To be
Is boring.
With such vast ideas
Swarming in my brain,
It stings when I
Can't express them.
When I try to,
I leave people snoring.
Never once have I made
A good first

Me, I have feelings too:
Embroidered like
A fine women's gown.
Just because
My face 
Holds little emotion,
Does not mean
My devotion to the
Has gone. 
I am private, that's all
And I think before
Opening my
'Tight-lipped' mouth,
Before my true feelings

All I want is understanding.


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  • symphonyrain0812

    This is beautiful! I especially love how you describe your feelings "embroidered like a fine woman's gown". Stunning imagery!

    6 months ago
  • Kingsflame

    You did a great job at capturing the true meaning of a introvert. Keep writing like this and you will be famous one day.

    6 months ago
  • mrcolinredwards

    Oh my God, this gets me so well! I am an introvert too and people assume I'm being antisocial when I reality I just don't like talking in general because I fear what they might think and I'm very private about myself!!!! If introverts had a queen who understood what the term introvert means, it would be you!!! Introverts are people who keep to themselves, away from all the small talk and society's hustle so they can think deeply about amazing things for stories and poems! You rule and I am officially liking this poem now!

    6 months ago
  • Skyler Marks

    Finally. I have waited a long time for a poem that starts "I do hate parties". Thank you for sharing!!! I wish I could hear you read this aloud... I see the work that has gone into it. :)

    6 months ago