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Hey I'm a sixteen year old aspiring writer and horse trainer! I'm homeschooled and I love serving my God! I enjoy writing, reading, riding my mares, and any kind if sewing or embroidery!

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A Fire That Burns, Like None I Ever Knew

April 15, 2019

I get this feeling,
​It starts in my heart.
​It begins spreading,
​To my every part.

​It's an urge I get,
​A need to create.
And until it's met,
I can't concentrate.

It fills my mind,
​Every little bit.
​I can't leave it behind,
I can't make it quit.

My fingers twitch,
​Needing to write.
​I can't flip a switch,
Though try I might.

​So I'll give in,
​I'll let it start.
I will begin,
My piece of art.

​I'll let my fingers fly,
​Swiftly cross the page.
​Words slipping by,
​Going for an age.

​When its finished,
​When I'm through.
​The urge will have diminished,
​It will fade from view.

But it always returns,
Always starts anew.
​It's a fire that burns,
​Like none I ever knew.


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