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April 3, 2019

                    I walk in a garden of hope.
                    The gazelles, they run and lope,
                    Into another garden,
                    And I suddenly can't cope.

                    The ground sinks in,
                    I hold up my chin.
                    I seek help, but none is offered.
                    And that was when it begins.
                    I sink down to a hole,
                    And it takes a toll,
                    -Only my dreams, and hopes, and such.-
                    In my new home, in the deep, deep hole.

                    How long I'm down there, I don't know.
                    Eventually, I begin to regrow.
                    I learn to forgive, though I never forget,
                    How hard it hit me, that blow.

                    Soon, I escape, and face my own wrath,
                    I figure things out, I do the math.
                    I become collected and calm,
                    As I find myself a new grasp.
I didn't originally plan on this being called Seeds, and only after people gave me feedback did I realize it sounded kind of like I was a plant. 


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