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As soon as I saw the contest, I just started writing into I was happy with what I got. I hope it is a worthy candidate for 1st place.

Out of the Darkness #ettu?brutus

May 31, 2019


I need to leave. Out of this rotting hole. In this rotting relationship. With me packing my bags, taking all my things with me, while he was away, with he never knowing that I will win this sick game we play was... riveting. But glancing at the rainbow of garments in my suitcase made me contemplate what I was trying to do. 
"Am I insane? Is this a dream? Is this real?" my brain tries to inform.
I've been pining to escape this never ending life of torment and I am a few feet from the door. What is stopping me?
"Nothing," I say aloud, stopping my doubts. 
This thing, this person in my room, that is silently staring at me, dead at the eye stops my train tracks of denial. This is exactly why I need her. She is always unwavering and there for me when I need. She gives me the strength I need to push forward. Right now, I see her coaxing me toward the front door. I hurriedly zip my valise, hopeful that nobody gets in my way. I turn around to examine the shelter of misery where I stayed in for two years. No more.  But my fingertips millimeters from the doorknob, and something felt wrong. She did stare at me, already knowing what I am missing. I tear a slip from a phone book and grab a nearby pen and scrawl my leftover feelings out.

It is over. I can't endure this anymore. You cannot bruise me and yell at me anymore. She has changed me, made me better and made me stronger. And eventually she led me towards the door out of our relationship. Bye forever.

I put the pen down with my house key and accumulated the nerves to grasp the doorknob and walk through the door. I breathe in heavily.
"Thank you," I sigh.
I thank all my heart to that girl. I love all her names.
Freedom. Liberation. Hope.
I am out of the darkness.

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