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All That I've Suffered

April 4, 2019

My momma once told me
“You must wait by the tree,
wait for the apples to fall”
And I did that as others played ball
Seasons pass by
Time continues to fly
But when the apples came down,
Oh how I rushed into town
I took a bite with haste
But it left me with a bad aftertaste
And so I went
To my momma in the broken-down tent
She was picking cotton
As she told me the apples were rotten
It was supposed to be a lesson
That she never had much success in
The day she took away my letter
She thought it was for the better
I was to keep away from the boys
Lest I become another one of their toys
I thought she was out of her mind
Did she want me to be confined?
Was she jealous of the heights I could reach?
Is that why she was like a leech?
Taking away every opportunity
While she pretends that we all live in unity
But that’s far from the truth
My father has been gone since youth
I’ve never gotten to know him
But he would do things on a whim
His death was to blame
For mom never again called my name
The name “Cathy” was lost
And I realized my pride should be tossed
That this small town could never confine me
That perhaps that farmer’s son could set me free
Although his position wasn’t quite high
It was enough for me to barely pass by
I’d have him know that my favor would be hard to gain
And he would have to go through the same pain
As I pull him into my cold embrace,
I told myself he’ll suffer in my mother’s place



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1 Comment
  • luckychances

    this is for an english assignment. the character is Curley's wife from "To Kill A Mockingbird".

    11 months ago