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Poem About The Poet

April 9, 2019

People assume

That a poet
Can only write about
Stars in the sky
And rain falling down.

That you can fall asleep to our words
And their tranquil rhythm.

That we follow rules
5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables.

Or we write sonnets.

Poets change the world.
Go in guns blazing
And actually say
What the heck is wrong
With our world.

We use words
And their raw power.
We use the fact
That words are stronger
Than sticks and stones.

And there's another thing.
A poet doesn't have to write.
They can sing
Or dance
Or draw
Or run.

A poet
Pours their heart and soul
Into what they do.

They show something new to the world
And it's always different.

A poet is a person
Who does what they love
Not just because they love it
But because they choose
To try to do something with it.

Poets are the people
Who have so much passion
And pain
Pulsing through them
That it overflows
So the whole world
Can see.

Everyone has the potential
To be a poet.
And I wish
That everyone could be.

But now I've reached the end
Of this poem.
A poem
About the poet.



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