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My name is O’Neisha I’m from Chicago. I being writing poetry to express who I am and to show how I’m feeling without hurting anyone

Message to Readers

The message is that people stare and make fun of people without asking them any questions

I’m not the petting zoo

April 3, 2019

I hate when people stare
Like this is something new
They look and touch and feel
I'm not the petting zoo

They think that I am strange
They do not want me around
They make me feel like this species
That they just and found

They never ask any questions
About what they need to do
They'll be scared and then assume
I'm not the petting zoo

I hate when people pity me
There's no need to feel bad
I've gone thru this before
Please don't feel so sad

To you I'm such an animal
What if I thought you were one too
I have to tell you a lot
I'm not the petting zoo

You make fun of mental illness
Instead of supporting me
I want you to understand
Let's begin with three

I have PTSD
From trauma of the past
I need you to help me through it
I know it won't be fast

You thought you you could get off
With saying you already knew
I have to break it to you like this
I'm not the petting zoo

I will say it once more
I will tell you and your crew
Please find somewhere else to stare
Because I'm not the petting zoo


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