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Sounds of El Salvador

March 11, 2016

PROMPT: Local Tongue

Person 1: "Que onda, bichos? Yesterday la negrita got her college letter! Ta' chivo, va? The chula got in!"
Person 2: "Cabal, I knew she'd get in! *sneeze* AY, PUCHICA! Now I have mocos all over my shirt!"
Person: 1 "Salud, babosa."

Que onda: How's it going? 

Negrita/o: Little black boy/girl 

Puchica: Damn/Dang it! Shoot!

Ta' chivo, va?: It's cool, right?

Cabal: Exactly

Chula: Pretty

Bichos: Kids/Guys

Mocos: Boogers

Salud: Bless you

Babosa/o: Dummy

Ignore lack of accents, my computer doesn't have them. 


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