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Message to Readers

This was my first *real* SCIFI piece. I wrote it a while ago, but recently I thought about writing more pieces of this genre either like this or completely different. Not sure yet. Any feed back helps!

אלמוות העולם הנשכח

September 23, 2019


Please Note: This formerly classified document was sent to the our Nation’s Commander-in-Chief mailed by former mission leader, recently deceased General George Pluman who worked the Further than Pluto case file.
File: Declassified
Received: March 8, 2003
To: President George W. Bush
Forward: Found by General George Pluman during their conquest of Pluto
We call ourselves the ווקר {[A Walker I am lead to believe is your closest translation]} a name we placed upon ourselves by our creators. We live on אלמוות העולם הנשכח {[​Immortality The Forgotten World is the closest translation]} and have for cintorys {[estimated about two and a half centuries equal one of our cintorys). But after recent study upon the planet in which you life forms take over we are lead to believe you pose a threat.
Your research of spacecraft seems to have improved, and though you are merely three cintorys behind us in spark {[the term you use is ‘technical’]} development, one of your ships crashed into one of our satellites. The very satellites our creators crafted long before even your planets lifetime. It was named ראשון {[closest translation ‘first’]} and now on our cold ground.
Due to your destruction upon our spacecraft we believe this to be a declaration of war. Though we have just discovered your existence, we have already begun preparations. Many of our מלחמה {[no translation found in your tongue yet seems to be close to word ‘war’]} believers have started to speak to the spirits of our creators and begging for assistance in your annihilation.
After many long council gatherings we have agreed to give you until our next orbit around the moon סרברוס {[Cerberus in your tongue). This is estimated to be four of your planet's rotation. We have also agreed since we have obtained your location we agree to transfer ours. We are 333..545-66-980. To make it easier {[for it is whispered your minds are slower]} we are but a galaxy beyond פלוטו {[the term you have given it is ‘Pluto]} and four moons away from trio. Our planet is best described in your tongue as oval shaped, emerald green with gaseous clouds, surrounded by ten rings.
We ask that you send your war acceptance papers immediately and before the time of war begins. Also, if you choose to deny, ignore, or destroy our presence you will not only fail but loose members of your species. We have captured your מכוער {[known in your tongue as ‘ugly’]} species. We have tortured their bodies, stolen their minds, used their tongue to understand yours.
{[Closest word in tongue ‘Leader’]}
Yes, the words are in Hebrew, but I wanted a language not really known/read by a lot of people. Also, don't use it against me, please. Just pretend it's not Hebrew, but this planets langauge.
Hebrew is a pretty langauge to me.

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  • SparklingEmbers

    Great Job (sorry this is coming in so late) I love how you included a different language (even if it was Hebrew XD) and how you used different "terminology" because you said 'though you are merely three cintorys behind us in spark {[the term you use is ‘technical’]} development,' I loved how you were able to do this message in this format! overall I loved this and good luck!!! Results should be posted 22nd maybe... or maybe 25... depending on how many entrees I get

    about 1 year ago
  • AbigailSauble

    How interesting! Peaks my interest! Even though I believe there are no such things as aliens. ;)

    about 1 year ago