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April 3, 2019

After everything else,
and all that you said
Did you honestly think you could do this again?
Like we did for a while,
A tongue in a cheek,
A language we learned but forgot how to speak,

You've been stuck in a haze,
A pattern displayed,
By a life that we had but you let get away,
'Cause you held it too close and kept it inside,
A fire you want but you’d never ignite.

You were right

After everything else,
And all that you said,
Did you honestly think it was all in your head?
From the cracks in the wall,
To the hole in your heart,
To the life that we made but you let fall apart,

You've been stuck in a maze,
And tried to escape,
And searched for your tracks but they faded away,
You'll be safe for a while,
But the curtains will fall,
And the promise you made will mean nothing at all.


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