The name's Pranavi, meaning "the 1st sound in the universe".
Addicted to reading books, writing literary pieces & K-POP {EXO, NCT, WayV, SuperM, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, Gugudan, Everglow, SNSD & Super Junior}

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Writ•er/ 'raiter
- noun
1. a peculiar organism capable of
transforming caffine into books.


April 3, 2019

As I arrange my minds’ nebulae-&-planets,
I sedate all the angry asteroids and comets
The thoughts a moon with many phases,
The soul scouring each of the multiple mazes.

Few of the opinions leave me in the dark,
While in few I see a great glowing spark.
My mind’s very own Sun, I should say,
As more notions come to lead the way.

Rising with every breath is the atmosphere,
When shall I but draw the conclusion near?
With swirls-&-twirls, what’s far from clarity,
Is how my thoughts come back with gravity.

I think and therefore, shines the Red Giant,
Drifting farther away from the view pliant.
Like a meteor shower, they irradiate the orb,
A melody composed and strung on the chord.

I try harder to align my heart’s constellations,
Clear the star-dust in all my intentions.
Erasing off all the suspended cosmic dust,
So I need not have any more of the thrust.

Pressing my temporal, I glimpse a penumbra,
Feeling nauseous, I wake up at Alhambra.
And as I discern the Milky-way Galaxy,
I find the place where lies my sea of Ataraxy.


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