The Last Page Of My Notebook

April 4, 2019

From the riddles so lame,
to my crush’s name.
From the dreams of fame,
to the sorrows of shame.
From the maths calculation,
to the FLAMES tabulation.
From my friends’ sketch,
to my own character sketch.
From that hilly scenery,
to my garden’s greenery.
From that self-made jingle,
to the sights of tingle.
From that cornered desire,
to my fantasized attire.
From that sinister nightmare,
to my valiant acts of dare.
From the words you don’t want me to write,
to the experience of my first love bite.
From random hearts and doodles,
to the stain of my noodles.
From the ink blots by my tears,
to the quashing of my fears.
From the past that’s bittering,
to the future that’s glittering.
It’s not a secret diary I write,
but for me it’s an emotional site.
So, hypnotizing is its one look,
it’s the last page of my notebook.


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