United States


April 13, 2019

Be careful not to get beat   
There's tumult on the noisy street
Don't walk towards the rowdy neighbors   
Your place is with the rest of the laborers   
While pandemonium surrounds the towering houses  
Make sure to protect the brand new blouses  
Hand them in without a stain  
Or the snobby daughters will complain   
When you turn in your keys and lock the door  
Don't make a sound while they snore  
Otherwise, you face the consequence   
No more money, no more rent   
Don't get caught with your hands in your pockets  
Or else the authorities will start submitting dockets   
On your way back from work, during the rest of the long trek back  
Make sure you're with someone, there's always a possibility of being sacked   
If they catch you with your eyes down 
Arms up, there's no room for dirty browns 
Don't stand when you're together, stay five feet apart 
They don't like that, the fighting will start 
Free time? You don't know what that is  
If you don't do what they ask, they'll think you're a member of "ISIS" 
Foreign? They don't know what was stolen  
Your innocence, your life, that age was just golden 
Good things don't last forever 
They made it seem like we were all in this together 
Guess what? That's not reality  
Because now life is just obedience and punctuality  
Around you people jeer and stare
Inside, you wonder if you should say some sort of prayer
When they pelt with rocks and scream shit that's racist
You sit there and wonder how long you have to face it
Yet the rich kids down three blocks 
Think it's so amazing this place has Glocks 
They think that to be "gangsta" is to be hot 
Do they know what it's like to be in the midst of gunshots?  
Just a little more, you always say to yourself 
The coins will add up in that jar sitting on the shelf  
Unfortunately, you're subject to excess strife 
Whenever there's almost enough, it gets swiped  
There's not enough funds to get medicine
Even if you see the local doctor, they treat you like some specimen
Still, you don't deserve the food stamps or soup
Welfare is a scam, helping people is just some sort of dupe
The hope inside your heart is beginning to die  
American Dream? That was just a lie  
They say it's a blessing to live in this country  
But really, it's more like weekends going hungry  
Friends wore by time wave you through the door
The rest of your family are no more  
But it's all okay, close your eyes to sleep   
Only the weak have time to weep 


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1 Comment
  • Wicked!

    Oh no. This is heartbreaking, but really powerful.

    2 months ago