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I am a girl who loves to write.
Thoughts come to me especially in the night.

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I want to know any suggestions or feelings you have or felt when reading. Thank you! -Jackie


April 4, 2019

Behind the walls of a hopeful heart
A helpless soul laid
Her mind was entrapped, forced to be silent
As needles pricked her from night to day

She smiled a fake smile
She laughed a fake laugh
They were formed by her tears

Life shot her daggers
Spears hurled over her way
Skin made of paper, a heart made of glass
As a part of her slowly rips away

The locks hung still in her forbidden mind 
The key, held in the claws of a demon

Her numb hands forage on the dead ground
The key, never to be found

Only listen to the echoes in the endless night
And sculpt your shadow out of dark clay
Your reflection will appear in a cracked mirror 
Wind will whisk your perished body away

When you plummet down from the angels’ wings
Straight into the eternal night

When satin wraps itself around your frail body
Unveiled by a dim glow

When countless eyes twinkle at your dwelling afar
In a shroud of silver grey

Ask oneself,
Have I gone astray?


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  • Ghost Writer

    Excellently written! I really enjoyed reading this :)

    11 months ago