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This poem is experimental: I don't usually try to rhyme with my poetry. Honest, constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


April 3, 2019

Holding the bow firmly,
I aim for the heart,
Knowing in my lungs
It will rip it apart.
I’ve dreamt this before,
Know the target’s every spot,
Hearing the winds breathe
I know I’ll make this shot!
I can feel the sun’s rays,
Know it glistens in the sky,
Here to celebrate with me
As I make my bulls--
What did you say?
The clock keeps ticking
Aren’t I aiming the right way?
                            Stop what you’re doing
                            Before it’s too late.
                            I know what you’re think    
                            But I’m setting you straight.
But what do you mean?
I see it before me.
My name is etched beneath,
Aren’t I in the right story?
                            So it appears, yes,
                            But just listen to me:
                            The winds are too strong,
                            Your bow is too weak.
But I thought--
Oh I don’t even know.
What am I to do
With you telling me so?
                            What I’m telling you is truth!
                            So listen to me say,         
                           You don’t want to fight me--
                            It’s better this way.
I don’t know what to do!
It feels that everything is lost.
My bow is slipping lower--
I can’t think for all these thoughts!
                            Don’t ask me questions,
                            Just follow me, okay?
                            We’ll go somewhere safer--
                            This isn’t your way.   
But I know my own spirit,
I know who I am.
So who are you to tell me
It’d be better if I ran?
                            You don’t know yourself
                            Only I know the truth--
                            Stop asking me questions
                            Only I’ve seen the proof.
What do you mean?
This is where I belong--
                            Stop fighting with me
                            Trust me, you’re wrong!
Stop all your lies!
You can’t tell me what to do!
This is my story, not yours,
And I won’t listen to you!
                            Fine! Dream all you want,
                            But trust me, you’ll see
                            You’ll end up in pain.
                            You’ll end up in misery.
My misery will come
If I follow your lead,
But I’m following another--
You have no power over me.
Back away now,
Lest you wish to cause me anger.
I’ve got one on my side
Who is no such a stranger:
He’ll push you down, devil,
Make it clear for you to see
That try as you might
You cannot control me.
                            Then I will leave you alone,
                            Let you to drown in false peace,
                            But soon enough you’ll realize
                            Doubt’s not so easy to release.
Stop speaking.
You’re wasting your breath.
You’re done here, old fool,
I didn’t fail your test.
Retreat to your cave
As I reset my mark,
Setting my arrow,
I aim for its heart.
I see him stomp away
His grumbles and curses loud
But I have no worry
I have made my Father proud!
So once again I lift up
This bow that I love,
Aiming for the center
As the sun shines above.
I let loose the arrow,
Feel the air follow with it,
Releasing my passion
In the same poised movement.


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