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A Little Bit of Darkness

April 2, 2019

But by the sky and the stars,
the endless night that shrouds this haunted castle,
there is a voice that fills the cracked and broken land,
it sings like the nightingale and almost touches distant Mars.
But by the sun and the moon,
the forever land that circles this catastrophic humanity,
there are thousands of broken people,
they weep like the waterfalls in Niagara and hum to their broken heart’s tune.
But by the deep and the dark,
the bent and broken pieces of my melancholy heart,
there is you,
with your fearless mind that will stop at nothing to find that spark.
But by my fears and my woes,
the darkness that trembles and shakes the distant lands,
there is me.
With the sorrow and malevolence that is rooted so deep that no one else knows.
Except for you.
But by our dark and our light,
the twisted, strangled lands that we claim,
there is love,
it soars to the heavens and brushes the stars like an eternal kite.


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