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April 4, 2019


he is life. poetry and promise,
he drags her from the shadows
and, for an instant, pulls back
the curtain; rends her heart
from her chest and showers it,
effervescent, across the sky.
his teeth pull, bite at her
bottom lip, twisting her features
to his form until she can

smell nothing but acrid cigarette smoke
taste nothing but gin-soaked lips and
see nothing but the sparkle of his eyes

and her throat quivering in his hands -

the clouds fall. she gasps, drags
blisters and bruises from skin and
memories from a mother's smile,
closes eyes
bites lip
breaks silence

pours her heart out
into the winking rain


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1 Comment
  • Fatimah Gomez

    So much beautiful imagery here, it flowed so well!

    4 months ago