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April 2, 2019

my world
is silent
and safe
i rest in the seas of tranquility, smattered with 
the golds of Buddha
of which i am
most likely unworthy
the sea sometimes
is rocky, 
jagged points splay out upon my
people are the points
smooth as mahogany
bright as marble
but there 
are the ones that are gone
they are the nubby rocks
that seagulls use 
as comodes
serves them right
i linger in between 
half finished bottles of manzana
laid out on the porch
for later
 our cheap five below sandals
slap against the pavement
as we try to battle the freckles
the sun inflicts upon us
my world is not balanced
it winds and curls and stops and goes
but it is monie, formed
from the dirt specked hands
of youth.


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