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Half Whole

April 2, 2019

They call it a break up but I don’t feel broken 
I think I cried more during the movie then over this 
Maybe it’s because I expected this turn of events 
So I was able to build up new walls before everything came tumbling down 
Or maybe he never had my heart in the first place
After all, I am quite heartless 
It’s the same old story with a new antagonist 
“It’s not you it’s me”
“I never meant to hurt you”
I don’t really feel like reading another oh so tragic romance novel right now 
I don’t really feel anything at all 
It was a red flag when 
He said with a sad smile  
“Me and my old lover used to go here all the time” 
And when he kissed me sometimes I could feel him searching for someone else’s lips 
So no, I won’t miss that very much 
I think I’ll be fine not being someone’s second, third, fourth, fifth choice.


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