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Please feel free to tell me what you think of this poem. It is honestly unstructured because that is how I feel most of my life is. I am still learning about myself and discovering my character. I am trying to do this through my writing. This poem is specifically about a dream I have for my future. It is basic, but the syntax, subtle rhyme, and interesting layout can tell my story through 230 words. It is not perfect, and I realize this; however, it was fun to write, and I would appreciate any comments you may have. :)


April 2, 2019

Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
I, too, have a dream.
But it is not a dream for the people
Or a dream for the world.
It is a dream for me and for my future.
This dream is a dream beyond high school
A dream beyond college
A dream beyond graduation.
But this dream is not a revolution;
It is an evolution.
My dream is one that cannot be replicated.
My personality
My dream
My brain
Uniqueness is prevalent.
I want my dream to be like no other
Selfish as it sounds, I just don’t like being the same.
I like to create, I like to learn, I like to make a difference, and I like to be myself without judgement.
My dream is unapologetically different
For an unapologetically different individual.
I dream of sports.
I dream of golf
I dream of hockey
I dream of baseball and football.
I dream of speaking
All for the love of sports.
After collegiate golf
After collegiate education
After internships
After months and months of searching and applying and deciding and repeating this tedious process…
I dream of Pittsburgh.
I dream of settling down in the Steel City.
After falling in love with Point Park,
The three rivers,
Where everything collides,
My Iron City dream and job with an NHL team seems more realistic than I had ever schemed.


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