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stop caring about what people think so what if they take the piss just take the piss ou of them back simples and same with exams try but dont doubt yourself and dont stress about them it will be so much easier for you


April 2, 2019

we loved,
then he left 
thought he made me cry
though he only made me smile
he cared 
he loved back 
he had thought that i was sad 
thought i never really cared
we took too long 
too long to realise
we were in love all along 
only truly noticed when we had to say good bye 
now we might never hey again 
once the realisation had dawned
we all had to leave 
now i dont know who he is
or even where 
i just hope he lives in the same house
i hope that when i try not to cry outside that same house 
i hope it is because he was there
because he still loves me 
i hope he realises how much i actually love him
i hope he realises that i dont say them words
i hope he knows that i meant them 
whenever i might have said them back over there
when i might have said them to him
i meant them   


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