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Enderdragon in my direction
Many XP it's such a blessing, yeah
Use all the XP to enchant my armor, yeah
Oh ohh, I...
Try to sleep on the darkest day,
but the mobs are in the way
Gotta kill them so I can go to bed... (bed)
This armor's really comfy when I put it on
Change it to peaceful so I'm not killed when I spawn
I see a village that is near
The only sound I wanna hear:
are the villagers when I trade them some gear
(Smelt) Smelt the iron so I can get some metal
Make an Iron Pickaxe to mine the rare ores
You know that I gotta mine all these diamonds
Oh yeh (Yeah)
Need alot of food on this hard adventure
Should I cook the pig or the cow?
I'm not sure
Maybe I should make a cake for my hunger

The Gunman

April 2, 2019

Dark choking black, white moonlight shines weakly yet blares.
Cold metal turns hot. Flashing brightly
Dry ground becomes wet, silence shatters. Ground undisturbed becomes shifted.
A mass collapses on the ground, the thump inspiring silence to everything.

Smoke clouds the air, blood soaks the ground. Waning moonlight telling us of their presence.
Soon people will weep, people will reap and one of them is getting paid.

The silence is howling. The people grow silent.
Silver carving red and red was all there is, nothing left of the man with a loud mouth and slippery tongue.
He wasn't the popular, nor the important, nor the one without empathy. He was just a man.
Now he is not.

The shooter pulls out paper.
Stealing a hair from the dead man’s brow, the man counts his coins.
Brim lowered, eyes unmoving. Hands in pockets, he turns his coat.
A man shrouded in leather. Waiting for the day roles reverse.

A man no more, now pickings for the petty. The gunman makes his claim of metals and liquor.
Vultures -both bird and man- make their appearances.
Fighting for rights over leftovers.

A hat brown as desert sand, teeth white as bleached bone.
The clicking of shoes grows distant.
His darks turning light, he fades into the sandy hills.
Waiting to be summoned for his next order


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